We’re a team of journalists, designers and technologists united by passion, purpose and a deep well of experience.

Kinzen was founded by Áine Kerr, Mark Little and Paul Watson. They first worked together at Storyful, which Mark founded. Storyful was the first social media news agency and an early pioneer of the battle against misinformation. Áine went on to become the Global Head of Journalism Partnerships for Facebook, based in New York. Mark went on to work with Twitter, as Vice President of Media Partnerships in Europe, and Managing Director of Twitter’s international headquarters in Dublin. Together with Paul, Áine and Mark founded NevaLabs in October 2017. The company was renamed Kinzen in October 2018. Mark is Kinzen’s CEO, Áine is the company’s COO and Paul is the CTO.

Kinzen was developed by a team of journalists, developers, researchers and designers. The company’s HQ is in Dublin. Our Product Manager, and Head of Design and Research, is Eilis Boyle. The editorial side of the house is led by another Storyful veteran Shane Creevy, who is our Community Editor. Andrew McDowell is our Machine Learning Engineer. Rú Hickson is our Data Engineer. Hannah Lennon is our User-Experience Researcher. Ian Goode is our UI Designer and Mohammed Ali is our Mobile Developer. Kinzen is also building a publisher version of our experience (a project funded by the Google Digital News Initiative). Alex Cabrera and Eamonn Dunne are working together on this initiative, which we hope to launch in spring of 2019. Kinzen’s scientific adviser is Barry Smyth, Director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at UCD.

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We’re just getting started. Kinzen is the news app that puts you in control. Create a daily routine that sharpens your focus and broadens your mind.

Following a year of beta testing, our team has launched the Kinzen App for iOS. When you download, you can also join our community of testers and curators, and help shape the future of Kinzen as it evolves

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