We’re building the daily news experience that you control.

We think there’s a better way to understand the world around us, so we’re starting again: building a news community from the ground up. Our mission is to put every individual in control of a daily news routine that respects their time, rewards their trust and broadens their minds.

The Kinzen community will grow out of the positive choices of its members. Community feedback will guide our technology. Those who promote shared facts and valued sources will be rewarded. Privacy and security are central to our work. We won’t depend on advertisers. Our only agenda is yours.

We’re just getting started. Now is the time to make a difference.

Become one of Kinzen’s first members and one of the first to share in its benefits. Kinzen will be supported by a monthly membership fee when its personal app is launched in January 2019. When you become a first member, you will receive 6 months free access. There are three ways to join:

  • Become a patron and support the work of our journalists, researchers, engineers and designers in our launch period. Find out how important your contribution will be to the Kinzen mission.

  • Help us test the first version of the Kinzen app, which members will use to create a news routine that perfectly matches their daily lives. Find out more about what makes the Kinzen app so unique.

  • Become a curator. Help build a directory of valued sources for our community and guide the development of a curator network. Read more about the role curation will play in Kinzen.


  • First Members Join
  • Launch Curation Forum

  • Test Personal App
January 2019

  • Launch iOS App
June 2019

  • Launch Publisher Solution

Join Us.

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