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Who we are

Kinzen is a team of journalists, researchers and developers working to empower individuals who want to take control of their news experience. We are developing solutions for people seeking to replace the endless scroll of the social news feed with a productive daily routine of news and information.

We have big ambitions for the product we’re developing, and are proud of the culture which is shaping it. For more on the values and principles which guide us, check out these conversations with Nieman Lab, Global Editors Network, Mashable, and Reuters.

Our company was founded by Mark Little, Áine Kerr and Paul Watson, who worked together to build the first social news agency Storyful, and led media partnerships teams at Twitter and Facebook respectively. They have been joined by a uniquely experienced team that is set to expand in size, skillsets and scope in the months to come. Out of nearly one thousand applicants, Kinzen (under the name NevaLabs) was one of 98 projects selected and funded by the Google Digital News Innovation Fund (DNI) for a project called the “Smart Commute”. The project reflects our core belief that the path to a sustainable business model for news is through a radically enhanced and empowering user experience. This new hire will be responsible for extending our core experience to a number of select publishing partners.

The Opportunity

We’re seeking an experienced Data Engineer to join our engineering team on a contract basis to help in building and operating an end-to-end data system. The goal is to get the best news stories from the open web to our users promptly, reliably, and with as much control as possible.

To accomplish this you will build automated systems that fetch content from a variety of sources. You then need to store these stories efficiently in a manner that allows an array of small but specific methods you work on to process the stories. Our users on mobile and web are served by an API you work on to deliver stories to them. Working this way, from end-to-end, allows us as a team to build a performant and capable system.

We have been testing our assumptions around a unique brand of ‘purpose-driven’ personalisation using a web-application. We’re working to bring to the market through mobile applications on iOS and Android devices, followed by the open web.

This role gives you a chance to be a critical member of a startup team with proven experience and global ambition, help direct the future of the product, work in a cross-functional team and ultimately launch something that can have a lasting social impact. Your work will be supported by designers, developers and engineers.

What skills will you need?

  • Experience in creating and maintaining HTTP APIs suitable for mobile and web clients
  • Experience in storing and securing structured and unstructured data
  • Experience in creating and maintaining services to process stored data
  • Experience in securing and maintaining servers
  • Experience sourcing, storing, and serving audio files

What's on offer?

  • Contract for eight months (November 2018 - June 2019)
  • The chance to do something meaningful which might just help solve some of society’s biggest issues, while also creating a groundbreaking new product for news and information
  • Competitive salary
  • The opportunity to work with a dedicated and passionate group of people
  • City centre office location in Dublin

Start date

How to apply
Send us your CV to

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