Building a Product From the ‘Outside In’

Eilis Boyle,

Feb 27, 2018

As a designer at NevaLabs, my role is to advocate for the people who will be using the product. Being the ‘user advocate’ means constantly trying to understand what matters to people and the possible impact of what we build in their lives.

User research has been critical in guiding us through the first few months of development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Feedback has helped us view the project from the outside in, deep dive into users’ challenges, validating (and discarding) assumptions as well as identifying opportunities within our designs. This collaboration has been central to the work we’ve done as we set out to build a personal assistant for news and information that will transform people’s experience from one of endless, mindless scroll to a productive daily routine.

It’s an ambitious project and we’re determined to take feedback as we attempt to learn from the past mistakes of other companies and seriously reflect on how and why products can have ‘unintended consequences’.

That’s where you come in.

Up until now, we’ve confined our small test group to friends and supporters of NevaLabs. They’ve provided us with invaluable and at times critical feedback since October. Today, we want to widen the conversation to an expanded group of collaborators.

Are you someone who is frustrated with the amount of time wasted trying to find relevant news? Are you overwhelmed by the noise of your news experience? Are you a daily active user of Twitter? If the answer is ‘yes’ to all of these questions, then we’d like to to invite you to apply to be part of this next stage of collaboration.

We’d like to stress that this is just the first in a series of opportunities to collaborate. If we don’t work together on this first test, we will follow up with you in future regarding other opportunities.

If you do become one of our first testers, we promise it will be a small ask on your time.

And while we can’t provide anything in return, you will get a very early look under the hood of what we believe is a product which will have a positive effect on society at a time when people’s trust in news is eroding.

We’re just getting started. Kinzen is the news app that puts you in control. Create a daily routine that sharpens your focus and broadens your mind.

Following a year of beta testing, our team has launched the Kinzen App for iOS. When you download, you can also join our community of testers and curators, and help shape the future of Kinzen as it evolves

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