Let’s Start Again

Mark Little, CEO

Áine Kerr, COO

Paul Watson, CTO

Oct 22, 2018

Paul, Community Editor Shane Creevy, Mark and Áine in conversation

We created NevaLabs a little over a year ago. We wanted to help people escape endless scroll and misinformation. Our mission was to give every individual control of a daily news experience that was safe, relevant and empowering. Stories that matter to them. Sources that broaden their minds.

We quickly understood we were not just building another news app. We were developing a news community with values and incentives that set it apart from the social networks that have come to control our news habits.

Today, we say goodbye to NevaLabs, and hello to Kinzen. Our new identity sums up our ambition. Kinzen will be a personal news service but it will also be a community defined by the positive choices of its members.

A year ago we wrote: “We want to build the tools and filters an individual needs in a world where the primary gatekeeper is themselves.” We’ve come to understand that every individual needs shared facts and common purpose.

Every community starts with its pioneers. They are the first to fix broken things. They call out problems, but not without offering solutions. They are people who expect to share in the benefits of what they build. If that sounds like you, come and join us.

From day one, we promise to reward those who add value to our community. We want to extend the benefits of membership to those who are willing to help us test our news service, curate community sources and financially support the work of our journalists, developers, designers and technologists. We want to spend the next few months laying the foundations for our community with the people who will lead it.

We know our limitations. We don’t promise to end misinformation. We are not saving journalism. We still have work to do on our core products and services.

But we know what makes us different. We’re helping people rebuild broken news routines, using human values to guide machine learning, separating news from advertising and rewarding those who create the most value for their communities.

We won’t fix the news on our own. But we can help fix it together.

Let’s start again.

Become a member here.

Mark, Aine, Paul

Co-founders, Kinzen

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