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Hannah Lennon

Hannah Lennon

User Researcher

The foundation of the Kinzen community is a personal app that will help its user control a daily news routine that is uniquely relevant and empowering.

Our research and design team has been testing our assumptions about the app with a small group of friends and supporters for some months. Now we’re in the final stages of development and we want to make sure the app delivers its promise.

As a member of the Kinzen tester group, we will ask you to take the app for a trial run in mid-November and take a number of surveys sent by our research team. From the outset, we believe those who create value for the community should be rewarded. Active involvement in this test will make you a first member of Kinzen and give you six months free service of the app when it is launched in January 2019.

Our goal for the Kinzen app is to help you overcome the information overload in your daily life. We want the app to help liberate you from the endless scroll of your social news feeds.

The app will radically improve the relevance of the news you see from the moment you download it. It will quickly identify the topics and sources that matter in your daily life and help you match the right stories to the right moment in your busy day. You can create a personalised newsletter that fits neatly into your morning commute. Deep dive into your professional interests or personal passions. Discover more than the usual sources.

Kinzen rejects the creepy system of personalisation that defines so many other news apps and aggregators. We do not use your browsing history to keep you addicted to the same sources and opinions. We don’t rank the importance of stories on the basis of what other social networks are thinking.

Instead, our machine learning systems respond to your conscious feedback to the articles you see in your chosen channels. After your read a recommended story you will be prompted to offer feedback using Kinzen’s purpose-driven ranking system. We want to help you move out of a world of hearts, claps and likes and instead offer more sophisticated signals as to the quality of the news you consume and share.

Your purposeful-feedback on each article will help us train our machine-learning systems to prioritise the most engaging and meaningful stories and sources within the wider Kinzen community. You get to become the positive behaviour you have always wanted to see in your daily experience of news.

Join the test group here.