Our Promise to our Patrons

Mark Little

Mark Little

Co-Founder, CEO

In this early stage of development, Kinzen is seeking a financial contribution from individuals who are committed to our vision of a purpose-driven news community. These pre-launch contributions will help maintain Kinzen’s independent course as we test a mission-driven business model between now and June 2019.

Kinzen is not dependent on advertising. We will be funded by a monthly membership fee which unlocks access to the services and feedback loop of Kinzen’s personal news app. We also expect to generate shared revenue through a publisher version of our core user experience, which will be at proof-of-concept stage by early Q2 of 2019.

The support of patrons in our pre-launch phase will help ensure we have the runway to test the assumptions which underpin our mission.

We are currently financed by equity investments from members of Kinzen’s founding team, two Irish angel investors, the Civil Media Company and Enterprise Ireland. We have also received a grant from the Google-backed Digital News Initiative, which will support the development of our publisher solution. Kinzen’s founding team are the majority shareholders in the business and this will not change during our launch period.

Kinzen is not funded by venture capital. Venture capital may be the right fit for Kinzen at some point in the future, if it is aligned with our values. We commit to maximum transparency with members about future investment.

Patrons will not receive a direct stake in Kinzen for their pre-launch contribution. But from day one, every member who adds value to our community will receive a tangible reward. Patrons who contribute $/€30 or more will become first members and unlock free access to the paid services of the Kinzen app for six months after launch in January 2019.

Kinzen’s founders commit to monthly communication with our patrons. We will seek advice and wise counsel as we frame a strategy that balances sustainability with social impact. We value feedback from experienced investors, technologists, entrepreneurs and news innovators about the potential unintended consequences that may come with growth. We are particularly keen to develop a relationship with patrons who understand the mistakes of the last generation of technology platforms.

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