Help us Build the Kinzen Curator Network

Shane Creevy

Shane Creevy

Community Editor

Our societies are stronger when citizens can trust in a news experience that is free of misinformation and manipulation. Like the supply of clean water in your home or untainted food in the store, it should be an expectation and not a sales pitch.

Technology can play a part in fighting the spread of lies. But healthy communities need human curation. At Kinzen, we will empower curators. By curator we mean someone who adds value to an online community by discovering, verifying and sharing quality information with its members. Curators tend to animate, inform and lead the most productive conversations within a community.

If you have deep knowledge or experience of any topic, or any location, and you want to share this with the Kinzen community, please join us. If you are committed to the promotion of shared facts and credible sources, come help build our curator network.

You might already be a moderator on Reddit, or in a Facebook group. You could be a verified user with large following on Twitter, or a builder of lists on TweetDeck. You might be an independent journalist who curates newsletters on niche topics. In our eyes, you are a curator.

Developing Tangible Rewards for Curators

The curator generally creates most of the value on social platforms. They are the power-users other people keep coming back to engage with. But curators have never been truly valued by the social platforms. Not in any tangible sense. Kinzen is a chance for the curator to start again from scratch.

Our founding team has spent years pioneering the work of news curation, through their previous venture Storyful. Curators will be the architects of the Kinzen community. Our developers will build tools and services to empower them. Kinzen will deliver tangible rewards for the value they create. Our ultimate goal is to build a curation marketplace offering real financial rewards, and a stake in the value of the curator network.

In the beginning, Kinzen’s community team is seeking help from curators in building a comprehensive directory of credible and relevant sources, which will be provided to users of the Kinzen app when it is launched in January 2019.

We have created a discussion forum for people who are interested in becoming curators around specific topics and locations. Our goal is to have a core group of curators active within our personal news app early in the new year. They will build channels around topics that can be promoted to other members of the community.

The discussion forum will focus on the design of a system which can deliver tangible rewards to curators valued by the community. We have been exploring the potential for a curation marketplace within Kinzen, where curators develop a financial return on the value they create, potentially as part of their wider publishing operations.

Civil: a Hub for Curators to Discover Trustworthy Journalism

Through our partnership with The Civil Media Company we are exploring the creation of a Curator Registry within Civil’s journalism ecosystem. We see great potential in adding economic incentives, based on clear rules of engagement for curators (we’re exploring creating a code of conduct that mirrors the Civil Constitution). We believe Civil’s unique protocol and network of independent newsrooms offers scope for curators who seek to develop commercial opportunities arising from their work.

These are our long term plans. But from day one, members who create value for the community will see tangible rewards. If you actively take part in our curator forum, you become a first member of Kinzen and get six months free service of our personal app when it is launched in January 2019.

Join as a curator here.